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WARNING: The following reads like the lead-up to giving someone head. If that's not your thing, move along.

Hey Kevin!

After your show at Carnegie Hall, my wife and I had the great fortune of being invited by you to the COP OUT set in Queens back in June of 2009. You were a fucking class act and I treasure the memory. Thank you for proving me wrong that you can be genuine and kind in addition to being successful in the entertainment business. It's gotten me through some really shitty times in TV production.

Been listening to SModcast since day one, and love starting my week off with Scott/Ralph and ending it with Bry, Walt, and Q. In addition to the funny, you wouldn't believe how many times your pods have made me roll a tear or two or fifty.

If I have to ask something, I guess it would be what is your mindset since Southwest and Red State (two life changing events I would imagine) and building your SMod empire? Are you still staying strong with "go where the puck will be"? A beautiful and inspiring mindset that I imagine has touched millions of your fans.

Thank you for being more than an inspiration, but a true fucking saint. Got front row seats to the Gramercy show on Friday. All the best from Montclair, NJ!