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The top ones:

(1) Getting Chinese tourists to use the toilet properly. They're used to using holes in the ground, and we squat on top of our toilets and break the seats. Some of them would even poop on the floor in the bathroom and just put toilet paper on it (we nicknamed that the "turd sandwich.")

(2) Vandalism. Stupid people love carving their initials into our rocks. We constantly brainstormed ideas for getting them to stop, but nothing ever worked. Some people are just disrespectful idiots.

(3) Safety. Unbeknownst to many, Lake Powell averages about four or five fatalities a year. Most of the deaths involve alcohol and swimming. There's also suicides. Every year, at least one person jumps to their death at Horseshoe Bend. We had a tacit agreement with the local media not to report on any suicides so as not to encourage copycats.

(4) Expanding the facilities to meet a rise in tourism. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Page (pop. 7k) explodes. When I left, there were three new hotels under construction (in addition to the half dozen or so already there.)

(5) Quagga Mussels. They're an invasive species and they're struggling to contain them.

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People have been talking about it for a while, but I don't think it's realistic.

Some action does need to be taken though: too many people rely on the Colorado River and there isn't enough water to go around. Less so everyday.