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In terms of ethnic background, do you have much variety in your half-siblings? Are any of them biracial?

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Where can I get some in-depth information about local candidates and ballot initiatives? I know which congressional and gubernatorial candidates I'll be supporting, but there'll be other issues and candidates on the ballot.

How can I vote as an informed voter and not blindly support a candidate based on whether they have a D or R after their name?

ZIP code is 20755 if you're curious.

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How will the Turkish government use this incident against the Saudis? What concessions will they try to extract?

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There's an old adage: if you're not targeting, you're not advertising.

That said, is data tracking of users necessarily a bad thing? It means that I'll see advertisements that are relevant to my life?

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Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser championed secularism as the official government policy in Egypt. Is there still popular support for secularism within the government, military, and general population in Egypt?