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The insurance for my family used to be affordable around $300 a month.

Now it is up to around $1,600 a month. That is more than rent and it has crippled my ability to save for retirement and my children’s college education. Unfortunately I make too much to get any government subsidies. That is the first time I’ve ever said “unfortunately I make too much money.”

I need help. I had dreams of retiring at 60 or even my late 50s. Now the best I can do if the prices hold steady (which, if history teaches us anything, is impossible) is 68. I don’t have a grandparent that made it past 65 for two generations. I don’t want to work until I die.

Please, please help. If it rises again next year the way it has this year then I will not be able to afford to save anything.

On Healthcare.gov do I enter my pre-tax income or can I use my post-tax income? Using pre-tax I get no subsidies, using post-tax I get some help and I could start saving a little again. I’ve heard two different things from two different health insurance brokers. Which is the legal/correct number to use?

Also part two of my question.

Karaoke... “Heck yes, gimme the mic” or “my lips are sealed”?

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Did you get rid of the hardwood and put in carpet after the recovery?

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What were you doing for a living before all this started?

You mentioned that you take some online courses. What are you studying?

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Holy crud! I’m never in time for any AMA.

So, after all the counterfeit knock offs, have you been successful in legally protecting your intellectual property or is it still an ongoing struggle?

And a second BONUS question. Karaoke... “heck yes, gimme the mic” or “my lips are sealed.” And if yes, what is your go to song... the one song you sing when you want to sound like a super star?