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Can you provide any insight or information into a psychoactive truffle known as a philosopher stone?

I encountered it once about 15 years ago, and have not yet met another person familiar with them. They kind of look like pebbles, dark greenish and dark brownish in color, ranged in size from half a pea, to a clove of garlic, and had the consistency of a walnut. They had a bitter taste and an almost immediate effect (10 mins) which lasted at least 1/3 of a day.

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This is incredible! I am long past my days of discovery, but always fondly think back on that mysterious satchel I was randomly gifted. As mentioned, I couldn't find much information back then, and I guess I just never thought about looking it up as the internet developed 🤣...

I'm going to save this comment and hopefully I can track down your work when it's published. I'm quite interested in reading your work.

Thank you for the prompt to reply!

I can tell you first hand they, are absolutely a unique experience from either fruiting body, or caps of psilocybin mushrooms. I would say they hint in a direction similar to DMT.

That said, I don't think calling them "philosopher stone" was a mistake there was definitely an element in every experience I had with them where I was more "tuned in" than with any other psychedelic I've tried.

If you have any use or curiosity regarding my anecdotal experiences, feel free to PM.

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The effect was pretty pretty pretty good.

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This should have been the top comment in the sub, not mine. Although I'm flattered, I think this would serve more benefit to the global community than answering my question. Although I'm damn glad to get an answer to my question, and be top comment 😏