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I have a three year old daughter and there is a Chuck E Cheese near by so sometimes I take her just to hang out and ride a few rides (she seems to like it and requests it occasionally)... man, that place is incredibly depressing. I just get really bummed out by the whole scene.

There are almost no true arcade games anymore. There are lots of games where you win tickets and lots of passive experiential "rides" like roller coaster simulators where you watch a POV screen and rock back and forth in a motorized seat. They all look really cheap and only last about 90 seconds.

The kids are nuts, the parents are varying degrees of angry and apathetic, the carpet is ratty, some little kid is always on the verge of tears. The games and rides are shit. Everything looks cheap and dirty. It just overwhelms me and makes me incredibly depressed.

Usually if there is room for two or more on whatever my daughter is riding I try to find some other little kid who looks low on tokens and offer to let them join in. It's the only thing that staves off the crushing despair long enough to burn through $5 in tokens so we can leave.

Then I take the kid home, put a chair in front of the TV, look up POV roller coaster videos on youtube, play them on the big TV with her in my lap, rock back and forth in rough approximation to the movements on screen, and try to forget the whole thing.

tl;dr - Take my daughter sometimes/ The mass of kids lead lives of quiet desperation/ When you gaze into the arcade the abyss gazes back/ try to be Good Guy Dad