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I was tired of seeing emails of "this is terrible" or "the worst thing to happen yet" first thing in the morning, I use my personal email for work also, so when I see these on my iPhone I start thinking "oh fuck what did I do". Just stop with the click bait titles, we are about the cause but just please stop that.

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I have a small debt of $484 from a medical bill when I turned 18 (no insurance at the time). It has been 9 years and I still get notifications that a different company has pulled up the debt. Does this stay on my credit forever or does it expire? I have never once received a letter just a phone call from a robot every now and then and hits to my credit score. Just confused about what to do.

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Is it possible that they brought this debt back up and it is somehow affecting my credit?

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Hey thank you for all this info! It does seem like they have changed the billing amount by a fraction so I'm betting this is what happened. Recently my credit dropped pretty low and this is the only debt I have ever had, honestly can't count how many times my credit has dropped over the years due to this.

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Hey thanks!