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HIV 1 and 2 + P24. Negative. That's after 22 days. So looking good so far :-))) thanks so much for the company during these long hours Reddit xxxxx

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I will. I shall go amd buy a massive celebratory box of condoms and keep a couple in my wallet. :-)

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Yes, it is. It's just that if I got HIV in the UK, although devastating, it wouldn't be as humiliating. Being man handled by latex glove wearing prison guards and handcuffed in an airplane is not what I need if I find out I'm HIV+

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No, it looks horrid. They imprisoned a bunch of penguins in there to amuse people

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In order to get a work visa, one has to get a medical for HIV, tuberculosis and Syphylis. Medicals come every 3 years in order to renew said visa. Homosexuality is illegal with a 10 year prison sentence, but as far as I know is unrelated to their stance on HIV. I suppose, sensibly in some ways, they just want to keep HIV out of a country with such a multitude of nationalities making it their home.