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Sexually you do not know what you are missing because you never experienced a foreskin. As men age, the effects of circumcision increase. For example, one study found that older circumcised men are 4.5 times more likely to use ED drugs.

See Fine-Touch Pressure Thresholds in the Adult Penis

The Psychological Impact of Circumcision

Of course, trauma is not conscious, particularly if it occurs in infancy. Part of what happens with trauma is that it is repressed to protect us from the overwhelming feelings connected with it. However, there is clinical evidence of men connecting present psychological issues with infant circumcision.

Neonatal Circumcision Reconsidered

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What is legal is related to what the public believes and supports. Generally, the public believes that male circumcision is beneficial or harmless. That's why we need more education.

Because we do not do female circumcisions in the U.S., it's easier to oppose it. By comparison, in Europe where male and female circumcision is rare, they think both are horrible acts to do to children.

Here is a quote from a European woman who came to the U.S.:

I am totally shocked to learn about circumcision and how it is performed. I really don't have any words! And what I'm shocked most about is to know that this happens routinely in the U.S., in a country that should be advanced! My God...I can't understand that American 'doctors' can do it! It's simply unbelievable!

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That's easy. Ask her to watch a circumcision video and trust her feelings.

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It's easy to make that claim, but when you look at the studies there are flaws and very low rates of incidence. The health "benefits" have been made for over 100 years. See our list . The focus needs to be on the harm.

Anyone considering circumcision should do their own investigation. With the Internet, this is not very difficult. In any case, do not rely on "experts." Really check it out yourself. Then you will be more informed and more confident in your decision.

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Legal action requires political support. Political support requires public education. We work on the public education.