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How is sex seen in your culture? Only after marriage? If not, do people start having sex earlier or later than in Western culture?

Edit: does marriage even exist in traditional culture?

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Here in the Netherlands the government is coming with a huge aid package for business owners.

Things like deferred taxes, being allowed to cut employee hours (within reason), and more. It hasn't all been announced yet but I'm sure other countries will do the same.

Edit: France just promised 45 billion. On the news they're speaking about tens of billions in the Netherlands as well.

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I’ll be completely honest: I’ve felt hardly any pain so far during the entire process.

To add on to this as someone who had the Nuss procedure: oh boy that was definitely not the case for me.

I've had great pain and twice felt like I might just die because I couldn't breath due to the pain. That's when they injected pain meds which did bring the pain to zero for a while.

It was a painful 8 or 9 days in the hospital. Recovery after was slow, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. This despite a morphine epidural(?) In my spine the first few days.

I don't regret it, but know what you might be getting into.

Anyone who had braces put in might remember their teeth being sore for a day or two as they started working. Well the Nuss procedure is like that except it's a giant bar in your chest that changes everything in one go. Rather horrid.

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I bet he uses his mom's meatloaf to test new toilets.

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And the fact that this will make you a potential target to be annexed by a different larger country

What exactly are you expecting? Italy just annexing catalonia? This would be met with absolutely humongous backlash and in my mind it's unthinkable.