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That would be a helpful trick for everyone during allergy season.

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Similar reason women in that other Abrahmaic religion, Islam, also cover their heads and hair -- modesty. Hair is "the crowning glory" of a woman according to Judaism. Hasidic Jewish women wear wigs.

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On a more personal level -- was there any single moment where you knew "everything had changed" at work and you were being forced out? Did the atmosphere with colleagues flip overnight?

Was there a defining moment where you knew /in that moment/ that you were past the roughest times and turning a new chapter?

Tips for future whistleblowers?

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Legitimate question - what kind if threats do you get and are you ever scared for your lives?

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Where do you and your family get your groceries? Basically, where do you get produce and other food that you don't grow yourselves?

Are you inclined to buy brands that use the crops you grow?