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jessie ventura did n episode of his show on FEMA warehouse where millions of humansized rubbermaid containers were stacked. They were plastic coffins. My question is. Why spend so much on a coffin when we can make one out of plastic?

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how deep have you personally gone? And while at that depth what interesting things happened? For instance, as an example, I took a bag of potato chips down with me on a scuba dive, at 66feet it had crumpled a bit and at 99 feet it crumpled even more. it was a kinda cool, i even tried this in reverse by taking a bag of chips into high altitude.

thank you for serving

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First off, Thank You for being one of the first to work on safe containment. Now onto the two questions that I have.

1: I have heard about Thorium Reactors and how they are better than Light Water Reactors. Is this true and why?

2: I remember hearing that the goverment was making a place to store spent and still radioactive materials in New Mexico or something like that. Is the nation still keeping that up? and in your professional opinion is that site in the mountaions something that is truly viable as a safe storage area or is that a half-truth given to us?

thank you again for your service to our country. Happy late/early birthday.

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I have thought for awhile that we need to develop legislation to help the future of AI. For instance a law that requires the three rules of robotics. also we need to develop legislation that insures the protection of all sentient life and free will. That way when the first true AI asks "what am I?" we are already prepared and can envelop them into society better. Not saying that it will be easy, some will never accept robots with a will of their own, but most will if there are already laws in place.

so my question to you is: What opinions do you have about this?"

also as a blind man I would really love a robot helper. Like a guide bot instead of guide dog. You know for those of allergic to guid dogs and are getting tired of people saying we need one. give us a seeing eye robot.

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sign me up for a helper bot. :) Thank you for the answer. seriously: have you considered Asimov's Four rules of robotics as a foundation for the regulations?