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I have a follow up. I realize you aren't a finance guy or economist but I suspect you've at least heard colleagues' opinions on this.

Are student loans building the next big bubble pop akin to what we recently saw with housing in 2008, tech before that, and savings and loans before that? It seems like all the ingredients are there for a student loan bubble to bust open just like housing did: government subsidies, astronomical amounts of debt at the individual and national levels, etc.

Speaking practically, if I'm that student riding a million dollar balance I would probably do anything but attempt to pay it. I'd go bankrupt if it helped, I'd work cash jobs, I'd move overseas.

If you do think this is a bubble in the making, what's your forecast for when it all comes crashing down? From the hip I'd guess 15-20 years assuming no systemic policy changes occur in the meantime.

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Pardon the intrusion but how well do you do? Is this a full time job that pays the bills for you three?

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Cyber would mostly be theory and code, and less math when compared to cryptography. Obviously there's a lot more to it but given the things you asked about, there's your summary.

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He could still answer my question without providing numbers or revenue I suppose

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FOR NOW. Given the current trend of student debt, this entire landscape is likely to change in a decade or two.