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Or twitter...sorry...couldn't not say it.

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Visited about 4 years ago...we had the hardest time trying to get directions there. We would ask people how to get to efteling (like at central station), saying the name multiple times, saying it correctly (we think), and after 3 or 4 times they would say, ah...de efteling.

My question is this...how many injuries happen there with the rides? We noticed (coming from usa) that so many of the safety standards we expect at amusement parks didnt exist there.

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Hi, I dont recall the drug but my sister went into a week long manic episode requiring hospitalization last year, and she's 40. She was having anxiety and the drug was thought to help, but it got bad real fast, and was bad for quite a while.

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As I mentioned its been (at least) four years, and we loved it, but it confirmed our feeling that Europe expects people to be responsibile for themselves, while in the US we expect companies to hold responsibility for people, and will get sued if anything happens to them.

The one thing I can remember (besides the general feeling) was a "roller coaster" that we weren't strapped into, it wasn't a crazy one with loops or anything, but it felt weird to not have any restraint whatsoever.