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Every review I've read so far mentions multiple game breaking bugs (menu bugs, performance bugs, and a "campfire tutorial" bug are the ones I see mentioned) that will result in lost save files or lost time from crashing, with some saying they lost up to an hour of play.

Are you aware of the specific bugs and planning to patch? I'm very interested in the game, but won't be buying it until these are resolved.

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Appreciate the response. I know that stuff can take a while on Switch, but any indication of an ETA?

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Were all the offsprings from breeding individually designed, or procedurally generated?

As in, if Monster A and B have a baby called C, was C designed by you and your team, or does the system - for example - take the head and legs from one and body from another to create C?

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Man, you wild! Impressive work. Does that continue on with 3rd and 4th generations as well? Seems like you'd be designing an infinite amount.

How about the character? I know you have some choices at the beginning, but are there (or will there be) more customization options? Buying clothes or visiting a salon like in Pokemon, or alternate costumes like in Monster Sanctuary?

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Thank you much! Will keep an eye out, and pick it up once it drops!