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Rockyhorrormassacre3 karma

Whats the easiest way to learn and break into game dev? I have a degree in IT web and mobile programming and know several programming languages(C++, Java, Python and a few others) but the issue is there seems to be a lot of different aspects to learn with game dev. (Aka asset creation, animation, music, writing, etc) Thanks for any response here! Always love these amas.

Rockyhorrormassacre2 karma

I really appreciate that! Thats a good idea to just work on one project instead of trying to do lots of small projects.

Rockyhorrormassacre2 karma

Thank you so much for your response! Definitely trying to build a portfolio but it can be difficult working on things, working 40 hrs a week, and teaching yourself. Any ways of coping?

Rockyhorrormassacre1 karma

How does one break out into game development and is there any advice you could give to someone who wants to get into the industry?