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RockyMcNuts1 karma

was prison like Orange Is The New Black?

ever hang with the Rolling Stones or throw a TV out a hotel window?

isn't it kind of uncool to share the password to your employer's computer in a hacker forum?

RockyMcNuts1 karma

So, if I wanted to learn to build a modern web site, soup to nuts, mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, the works, where would I start? Is there some book/tutorial/MOOC that will walk me through it?

I studied CS, have experience with all the major programming languages/paradigms, currently mostly machine learning, Python, TensorFlow, Keras. But the idea of learning Bootstrap, React, and lord knows what else is so daunting I don't even know where to start. Just feels like layers on layers, turtles all the way down. I put up simple web pages with Django but it bugs me that they are nowhere near what a professional front-end engineer would do.