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I’m curious if the government would enforce legislation for residential grow operations. I’m told there’s a four plant limit per household, but they can vary vastly in size, I know my two plants will output as much as my neighbors 4 plants. Is this okay with the government? It’s all personal obviously.

My second question is will law enforcement investigate a theft if my plants are stolen? Can I file a police report and make a claim? What about my insurance? I have homeowners insurance, can i include my plants in my insurance plan so that they’re covered in case of loss? Weather, theft etc.

Lastly, I’d like to see some legislation about growing plants to exclude males. This year I’m fine, but a friend of mine had his plants go to seed, because one of his neighbors decided to let a male pollinate. What are your thoughts on that? Do you think the government should step in to protect homegrowers?

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Hi u/npr I’m a little late to the party, but I’d like to share my story with you. Maybe it’s interesting enough for you to finish reading. I’m a quit smoker. I started smoking when I was 18 and became a heavy smoker in my early 20s in 1-2 packs/day. I have an addictive personality. I’m really vulnerable to becoming addicted to things. When I met my wife we used to smoke. But when she got pregnant she thought it was important to quit. She literally quit cold turkey after feeling gross from a cigarette while pregnant. I struggled for a while. Always wanting to smoke, not wanting to buy packs, getting facilitates by coworkers. What it took for me to quit finally was the wisdom of a Muslim friend. He said he used to smoke, but to quit, he did it during Ramadan (a 28 day day time fast). The secret he said was to fast all day, but then not smoke at night. That was how I quit. I fasted during Ramadan and made quitting cigarettes my goal. I succeeded and I’ve been quit for 5 years until recently.

Recently my wife and I moved to a small town where her family lives. And unfortunately her family smokes. Her mom and sister are regular smokers and her dad and uncles are all occasional smokers. My wife is an occasional smoker. She gets her craving when she drinks and she drinks every day. But she set her addiction to 1 cigarette/day. Occasionally, on a party night, she’ll smoke to her hearts content. I told her that if she wants to smoke she should stop smoking her families’ cigarettes and instead buy her own pack to smoke for herself. So we started buying packs and smoking them. I think she would have been content to have a pack on hand in the freezer so she can always have a cigarette at night, but I can’t. Knowing there’s cigarettes around I can’t help but smoke them. After a month, she decided we should quit. I’m we recently smoked our last pack and I told her I was done. Unfortunately, she is not. When she drinks she still wants a cigarette. So she hasn’t bought a pack yet, but she does ask her neighbours for one and smoke when she wants to. Meanwhile here I am “quit” again. I haven’t smoked in 4 days, and the day before I only had 1.

I’d like to be quit again. But I’m trying hard not to be annoyed by my wife’s smoking habit. She’s capable of being an occasional smoker and not losing control of that habit. Me not so much. Do you have any advice for our different smoking habits? I would prefer to have no cigarettes and quit completely. But it’s so hard when she’s continuing to smoke occasionally. Maybe this is a relationship issue and not an addiction issue. Thanks for reading if you have.