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How does everyone feel about life proof? Mine has saved my phone a hundred times.

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It rarely gets submerged, if so usually on the job site- so quickly and in a 5gal bucket or soaking rain- but lots of prolonged dampness- running in the rain, skiing, boarding, etc. i have the iPhone 5, and unfortunately with my lifeproof the adapter for the waterproof headphones do not support the mic. This makes phone calls on the ski lift near impossible. (Bluetooth may be my best option- but I would prefer not to upgrade from my current skull candy helmet wired setup) I need my case to take an impact but also be slim enough to keep in my pocket while teaching.

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Wonderful! Thanks for answering, and promptly! What would you recommend for a tablet that can run Word? (Or a compatible format that will keep all the formatting) I am a high school teacher, so being able to run smart board technology is also huge. Any suggestions?