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A lot of these questions are low hanging fruit for you, not even contrasting your argument. why aren't you answering questions? Are you dead?

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At least to the judge, it shouldn't matter. That entire branch of government is designed to not be swayed by public opinion. The police on the other hand...

This guy faces disciplinary action from the police and the punishments range from losing vacation days to termination. So like, at least fire him, right?

Edit: To the replies. I know what adjudication is, that's not the same thing. The court in itself influencing public opinion is also not the same thing as the public influencing the court. Conjecture and anecdotes regarding cause and effect is also not the same thing.

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Its people like you who are killing actual scientific progress, vampirically sucking resources away from projects that actually do good. It takes the work of thousands of people to put together a vaccine that protects people. What makes you, a masters level standalone silicon valley buzzword shithead think you can fucking get away with this? It took people less than an hour to call you out. Burn in hell.

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Ironic. They preached about disinformation, but could not stop spreading disinformation themselves.

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Even dictators are rational actors. If they do not assure the success of the state insofar as the people who could kill them are sated, then they die. The justifications Gabbard uses can be extended to virtually any autocrat, which is where the problem with her commentary lies.