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Questions for Paul of team Bite Force:

  1. Out of all the bots you’ve ever made, which one is your favorite?

  2. Do you plan on doing anything with season 1 Bite Force? Like maybe take some weight off it and enter it in RoboGames or something?

  3. Are there any weaknesses that could allow the current version of Bite Force to be defeated next season? The only weakness it had was the exposed chain but you already took care of that.

Congratulations on being a 3 time Battlebots champion ( Battlebots 2009, Abc season 1, and Discovery season 1 ) and what I find most amazing is the fact that you’ve been able to do it with a different bot every time ( Brutality, S1 Bite Force, and S2 Bite Force ). I’m starting to think if we just give a random bot, you’ll figure out how to win with it.

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Ok then, thanks for answering my questions.