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If a mail-in ballot is not counted due to a challenged signature, does that voter have the option to vote in person at any point? Will voters be able to confirm that their ballot has been received and counted prior to election day?

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It's less suppression and more funding. If I'm not mistaken, the FEC gives base level funding to each political party that meets certain thresholds for votes and registered voters. The rules are written such that only two parties will ever meet these thresholds. These rules include pieces like winner-take-all elections and voting for candidates rather than parties. Maine has taken the first step in making third parties more viable by enacting ranked preference voting. This will allow voters to select candidates from any party without feeling like they're wasting a vote and helping the evil other guys get elected.

The other key that would allow smaller parties to become more prominent would be proportional representation. In my view, it's far more likely that ranked preference voting is adopted nationwide before any form of proportional representation in the U.S.

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Who is the best candidate and why is it vermin supreme?