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Are you everyone’s pen pal, like Tom from MySpace was everyone’s friend?

Robertdigitalorgasm61 karma

Let’s say that hypothetically, an asteroid the size of Rhode Island is coming at us, it will be a direct hit - you’ve had the resources and funding you need, your plan is fully in place, everything you’ve wanted you got. The asteroid will hit in 10 years, what do you do?

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As a prop designer, you missed a golden opportunity to construct new faces for yourself and then use them to create new identities and seek revenge against the ones who horribly disfigured you and left you for dead. You had a comic book origin story, similar to Darkman, and you squandered it to dial 9-1-1 and go to the hospital like a loser. Do you regret this decision every day of your life?

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Sounds to me like you don’t really take good care of it, and that you are even a bit ear-responsible

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Did you involuntarily blink while locked in, and did you sleep when locked in? If so, would your eyes just close when it was time?