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RobertSCatnamara19 karma

@BillCorbett I love how MST3K/rifftrax showcases the acting talents of Joe Estevez, preserving his onscreen presence and acting prowess for posterity. We need more discount Martin Sheen.

Was there any desire in the days of MST3K to riff any Steven Segal films? Are there riffs in progress for Steven Segal films?

A riffed version of the Steven Segal film “On Deadly Ground” would be a cinematic masterpiece. Please keep up the good work with Rifftrax!!!!!

RobertSCatnamara3 karma

👍🤣 Good to hear about Joe Estevez films in the works!!!

The first time I heard you guys riff on Joe Estevez, I laughed so hard I gave myself an asthma attack.

Have you guys at Rifftrax scrubbed the entire film canon of the Cannon Group? They made some hatefully bad films. Good cannon fodder in your fight for humorous cinematic entertainment.