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There needs to be a volume of communication that makes them understand that they will be absolutely fucked come next election if they go against this.

You need to be clear about it. "This is an important enough issue that I will vote against you if you try to break net neutrality". You have to threaten their political power to get results.

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They use a very discreet label that says "FRAGILE: BIG OL' BAG OF DONG PILLS".

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Until just now, I'd never considered the fact that North Korea operates on a caste system. But that's basically what it is, isn't it? :|

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Why are you disappointed with the Rift? What makes the Vive a better choice in your eyes?

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Where can I get Steam Cleaner? Unsurprisingly, googling several varients of "Steam Cleaner" leads me to things other than software or dead links. I know you've had a bit of trouble with someone DMCA'ing your stuff or something - has that been resolved yet?

I've got a 1.5 TB drive that's like 80% dedicated to Steam games and I suspect that I'm losing a lot of space to junk leftover by Steam.