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What is the success rate of your program?

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Sounds like you need money to market this program. I attend multiple AA meetings in inner cities that collect less than $5 every meeting. They would easily continue to meet without any funds. They collect upwards of $10m every year but they have never charged a single cent from anyone. If the program you offer works I have no doubt individuals would give donations in return. In the age of internet making this free would be so easy. Regardless, I am interested in my first questions. You have hours of audio of you talking about privilege, racial injustices, etc. How do you then offer a program that costs an exorbitant amount of money that would not be available to poor communities? The communities that need it most. White people go to rehab, black people go to jail --> White people use IGNTD (and talk about racial injustices, privilege), black people go to jail.

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I see you have touched on racial inequalities and injustices as well. If this program were to actually work, why wouldn't it be offered to anyone and everyone? The costs of the program immediately exclude poverty-stricken communities and unfortunately minority groups as well. I appreciate your desire to stray from the norm and try new things, programs like AA are free and accessible to everyone. If it works and it will help humanity, make it free. Don't line your pockets and limit its access to certain groups. Especially the groups of people who historically have had the most options for recovery. Offer it to minority and poor communities who's only option for recovery has been jails and prisons.