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Tell your mom it's because of the guitar playing haha. No, it's because of the amount of great songs. We never let a song be placed on an album unless we all loved it.

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I was a bus boy at the Bel Air Bay Club. And John worked in a Chinese laundry. Ray was in the army. I don't think Jim had a job. Not that he ever told me about. Jim didn't need money, he would live at different girls' houses every night.

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Making LA Woman in our rehearsal place, because it felt like home. I wish we would've done all the albums like that.

I'm glad we mattered when you were growing up.

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Haha it would be the smell of marijuana. And less smog.

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I'm actually hoping to find my first guitar. It's the one I wrote "Light My Fire" with and played on the first two albums and it went missing years ago. We're going to start a worldwide search very soon, stay tuned!