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What's the most valuable item someone has pawned with you?

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Three questions:

First, do you think of the first Blackadder series as a creative success? I've seen a number of interviews (and a couple documentaries) where people, including you, all seem to be very uncomfortable when discussing the first series, almost embarrassed, but still proud of where it lead, but I'm always curious of your actual opinions on the first series on its own merits.

Second, you've worked closely with some of Britain's most talented actors (Atkinson, Blessed, Laurie, Fry, etc.), are there any personal facts from these times that you simply cannot get your friends to believe when you tell them work stories?

Third, do you ever regret not taking the Have I Got News For You job?

Now, if you'll excuse me I must ride off. CHISWICK! FRESH HORSES!

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I realize I'm double-dipping, but in the Blackadder documentary Blackadder Rides Again Rowan says (in what's implied to be a car ride with you) that one of the initial goals in writing Blackadder was 'to not do anything that could in any sense be compared to Fawlty Towers or anything like it'. Do you think you succeeded, and how do you feel about Blackadder's comedic legacy to future generations?