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Something Intel invents... but we can't tell you now. :)

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You will likely spend a lot of time at work. Find a job where you get to work on things you are excited about as you will inevitably be good at it and it will be fun. Once there... look for a good manager.

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  1. Affordability depends on your use. In cloud data centers 1TB is already affordable given the capability they deliver (faster searches...) For individuals the sweet spot seems to be between 180 and 240GB. If you use Moore's law (doubling every ~1.5-2 years) it would take 4-6 years for the sweet spot to move to 1TB
  2. The Speed of SSDs is Awesome!!! They are also generally much more reliable and enable lower power.
  3. Our new Pro series SSDs bring new security and manageability feature for the IT Pro.

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Very Bold and Black. I drink coffee all morning.

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I have worked at Intel a long time and stay because I really like it. You work on cool new technology with really smart people on a scale that changes the world. As far as Alcohol goes we allow it at events, but don't serve it in the cafeteria (in the US.)