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What sigma would you get when you go trough the whole data?

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Hey! This is exciting!

I was curious about the strength of the possible new force. How would it compare to the other forces? I know gravity is "weak" and I wondered how this new possible force compares, if that comparison would make sense, if at all, at the moment

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That's fascinating, thanks for the answer!.
It's too early to tell if that proportion is symmetrical, right? I imagine the data comes from only a specific particle interaction?

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afaik it doesn't.
It's just a new thing that we didn't know it was there and now we need to go search what it is.

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Sometimes it's hard for me to adapt well to the academic terms, maybe I confused its use.
Assume this new force affects x amount a certain particle with mass m.
So if I compare it with a particle with 2m, would it be 2x? What about for 10m, 100m?