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I'm here trying to answer on the road :)

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Only been out for a few weeks but yes hot showers are like extra amazing now. On positive side I learned how brave I can actually be , found a different form of confidence and that actually most humans aren't so bad and many are willing to help others in need

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Well besides personal struggles with depression I have a fairly normal background . tried college twice it wasn't for me worked for whole foods spent my entire paycheck on bills. Family is in between. Nobody convinced me its something I've always felt would make me happy but of course hearing others stories influenced me to seriously start considering

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I personal have no issue with them as long as they are smart about it and a decent person who am I to judge? Were all just trying to find a life that makes us happy.

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It wouldn't be impossible but I imagine it would be quite dangerous if you plan on doing a lot of hiking around. My sister was vegan but after taking a few months hiking in grand canyon, Appalachian trail etc. She realized her body was too weak on vegan diet to be doing so much exercise