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Hi Sasha!

I loved your book! I have several questions.

1) What was the most interesting or memorable ritual that you learned about and why?

2) When I left my religion, I was often depressed. I longed for a greater sense of meaning and above all for an afterlife. I hated the notion that I would one day be separated from everyone I love and that the separation would be eternal. Do you ever wish that there were an afterlife whose existence we could know with absolute certainty?

3) How are you mom and brother doing?

4) I know your father's first wife, Lynn, past away several years ago. In addition to your father, she was also always an inspiration to me. Did you (or your mom) keep in touch with her? What about with Linda, Dorion, Jeremy, and Nick? How are they doing?

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Thanks for the response! I'm glad that you and your family are so close! Did you see Lynn, Linda, and your brothers a lot growing up?

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I've seen that cartoon but I haven't seen Nick's tweet. Do you have a link to Nick's tweet?