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Hi Jack, been subscribed since your first Reddit AMA and love what you're doing!

Question: I've wanted for 16 years to go to Japan and can finally afford to do it now next year - Do you ever see error fares so far in advance? All the ones you email seem to be within the next 9 months or so? I'm hoping to go in either March or September 2018!


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Thanks for replying! Now I don't know whether to book it asap or wait a few months and see if some error fares come up in my time periods? decisions decisions!

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Don't get a Jack Russell...

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Wow, well done to you! I couldn't study hard enough to do a law degree with 2 of us in a 2 bed flat, never mind 8 in one! that's crazy dedication- well done!

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I love that story! That's really a great example of the differences between the cultures, and how things can get misunderstood.

I feel bad for the guy now!