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Dark Souls called and Anor Londo wants it's cathedral back.

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I heard a saying that when undercover the closest identity to yourself is the best to do as your undercover identity. So I'd imagine if you are playing a married couple you might as well be a actual married couple.

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Is it just too risky to stop somewhere for a restroom break?

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Im currently at a 12 hour shift in a security shack making 13.96 an hout. Damn thats cheap ass labor.

No real risk here......basically if something hit the fan hard I call 911 and watch what unfolds. Im unarmed so I suppose I kiss my ass goodnight if someone did want to kill me but I'd have to be supremely unlucky considering the location im in is not sensitive.

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Yeah...its just like a 1% chance of anything nutty like that happening where I am. I probably have higher risks going to a mall or other public place then being a target here.