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That kinda sucks... As a cook I usually find a lot of the chefs on TV obnoxious and really head-strong, like oh I would not want to work with them.

I'll think twice and try to listen for the splice!

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Thank you!!! I always wanted to know Vicky's little secret...

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Ms. Flannery, I'm totally late to the party, but just know your scenes in THE OFFICE were some of my favorite, ever. I'm talking about watching this show by myself, and hysterically laughing to the point of tears.

One of my favorite lines from the show - "Meredith, where are your panties?!?!" to which your character responds "What! It's casual Friday, right?"

As a caucasian I feel that I can say that Meredith was pretty white trash, my question to you is that; while THE OFFICE is an amazing show and will still be for a long while, do you feel as if her role has potentially stunted your career? A lot of actors have fallen into the category of being 'typecast'. I'm wondering if perhaps having played as Meredith you will have a hard time being recognized as a serious actress, if that's something you want to do?

All the best!!

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Wrong show!