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Feel free to ignore this, but do you make a decent amount of money from those movies you acting is as a child today? Do you still collect a royalty check each month, I'm really curious how that works.

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Mr. Hernick,

I live in Arlington, recently moved here from MD where I was a registered Libertarian. The issue I have with the typical GOP base is the religious basis for their policies on social issues, the whole "this is how I believe people should live their lives based on the bible and anything else is wrong" sort of thing. Naturally as a libertarian I don't like big government or taxes and feel closer aligned to the republicans in this regard. But I also believe in freedom to do pretty much anything that doesn't cause harm to anyone else, in this sense I tend to be more liberal than your typical democrat. I see you say you support marriage equality, which is something I feel strongly about as well - I never have, nor never will vote for someone with an R next to their name who does not support marriage equality. But aside from that, what differentiates from your run of the mill republican? Do you have any more "centrist" or libertarian leanings on social issues such as abortion rights, drug laws, criminal justice reform, etc.

And a follow up question about the state of the GOP in general. Do you feel that this Trump shakeup could ultimately lead to a reformation of sorts in what the GOP considers their base? It's no mystery that the majority of millennials have absolutely no interest in the Republican party. They immediately write you guys off as religious nuts, intolerant, insensitive, ect. I'm sure you're no stranger to this being the case. So it seems that if you are to survive as a party, you will need to adapt to try to have a greater appeal to the next generation of voters. As a younger guy yourself, where do you see the future of the GOP moving forward?

For the record, in November I will likely vote for you.

Thanks for your time.

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How did you come about working for an NGO? That was been my dream job, I went to college and majored in political science to get as much knowledge as possible and now after graduating I'm struggling to break into the field. So if you wouldn't mind, could you just tell me your story and maybe any helpful advice worth knowing for someone aspiring to do what you do? Thanks!