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Two tough ones ;)

1) Given that Skype is a binary blob with a ton of defensive measures against analysis which bypasses most if not all firewalls bouncing traffic around the world, how do you suggest IT departments verify that you are not doing anything bad on the local machine and/or the content?

2) Are there any plans for Skype for Linux more specific than "let it wither and die"?

You seem like nice people and I don't really expect useful answers, but I just had to ask; sorry.

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The big moon, Charon, will be mostly just shades of grey.

How many, approximately?

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Those doors have a keypad with two regularly changing codes. One will unlock the door, one will disable the opening code and sound an alarm inside the cockpit. The flight attendants have both codes.

Source: I know flight attendants.

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The (really, really expensive) long-life lead batteries are rated for 10-15 years, usually being replaced after 8 years. This is in a datacenter, so you have perfect upkeep cycling, almost no discharge/charge cycles, and optimal storage temp.

Lithium lasts a lot shorter than that.

After a certain capacity, you want fire suppression and airtight doors without outside pressure release and continuous ventilation as well. The gases all batteries can release are poisonous and if they ever burn, you basically throw sand on them and wait; unless they burn down your house. Speaking of fire, at least in Germany, there's several districts where the fire brigade lets burn down any house with PV on it because they can't switch off the power during the day, nor do they know where the lines run.

As an aside, optimizing for the sweet spot of different types of capex, and opex, is business 101 and brutally obvious to anyone who ever had to actually manage a budget.

Source: Am building data centers.

PS: PV and batteries are still awesome, especially given the recent drops in PV pricing. But the cost part is easy, the technical stuff can be involved.

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To be precise, the blue (and the ultra-violet!) scatters back while everything else is absorbed.