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Half cat, apparently

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But their estates do

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Do you think discrete mathematics should be taught in high school?

Can't speak for Dr. Fradkin, but you might be interested in this editorial her co-author wrote: https://www.wsj.com/articles/calculus-is-so-last-century-1457132991

EDIT: adding excerpts due to paywall --

The question is not whether advanced mathematics is needed but rather what kind of advanced mathematics. Calculus is the handmaiden of physics; it was invented by Newton to explain planetary and projectile motion. While its place at the core of math education may have made sense for Cold War adversaries engaged in a missile and space race, Minute-Man and Apollo no longer occupy the same prominent role in national security and continued prosperity that they once did....

We no longer think of outcomes as being triggered by a single factor but multiple ones—possibly thousands. To understand these large and complex data sets, we need an educated workforce that is also equipped with a firm understanding of multivariate mathematics and linear algebra....

Computers and computation are ubiquitous and everyone—not just software engineers—needs to learn how to think algorithmically....

We’re not saying calculus shouldn’t be taught. Calculus, like any rigorous technical discipline, is great mental training. We would love for everyone to take it. But the singular drive toward calculus in high school and college displaces other topics more important for today’s economy and society. Statistics, linear algebra and algorithmic thinking are not just useful for data scientists in Silicon Valley or researchers for the Human Genome Project. They are becoming vital to the way we think about manufacturing, finance, public health, politics and even journalism.

Mr. Li is the founder and CEO of the Data Incubator, a firm that provides data-science training. Ms. Bishop is a professor of computer science at Columbia University.

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When the party is starting to drag and guests look tired, what is your go-to karaoke song?