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Under our plan seeing a dentist will be the same as seeing the doctor. You’ll be able to claim up to $1000 every 2 years of preventive dental under Medicare. You’ll be able to continue seeing your regular dentist, and Medicare will pay rather than using your private health insurance.

It’s very odd that if you break a bone, you’re able to get support from the taxpayer - but if you chip a tooth, you’re out of luck. We won’t be including item numbers for cosmetic dentistry so people will still have to pay for that.

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Thanks Pomo! Sadly, the media landscape has never been narrower in Australia. As publishers have folded, we’ve seen outlets become far more conservative over the last few years. This week’s front page article attacking Bill Shorten’s mum (which was even criticised by Andrew Bolt, of all people) shows the level of partisanship in some of our major mastheads. The good news is that most people don’t trust them anymore and are starting to wake up to the toxic influence of Rupert Murdoch.

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We know that the Liberals don’t care about the IT industry or people’s privacy and were pleased when Labor first opposed it. But an incredibly spineless backflip from Bill Shorten, has now compromised the digital security of each and every Australian. When you shoot holes in digital protection, everyone is vulnerable. History shows that hackers and foreign states can and will use the holes our government wants to create. We will do what we can in the next parliament to overturn this legislation.

We have a plan to take us to 100% renewable energy by 2030 without any nuclear energy. Uranium mining is dirty, it feeds the nuclear weapons cycle and the risk of an accident is too high a price to pay. We just don’t need nuclear energy because we have so much wind and sun in Australia.

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Hey mate!

I've answered this here

Copy-pasted from below:

As a party, we’ve got a lot more in common with the ALP than we do with the LNP, and I’m on the record saying I’d much rather work with a Shorten Government than a Liberal Government (who can’t even agree among themselves)

But the Greens have our own policies, priorities and positions that don’t align with the majors. We’re free to actually develop policies in the interest of the country, because unlike the ALP or the LNP, we don’t take donations from corporations who are just trying to buy their way into power. I don’t employ coal lobbyists as my chief of staff, like Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison have both done.

While we would prefer to work with a Labor government, we’ll always call out bad policies. Neither party will stop the Adani coal mine. Labor wants to go even further and frack the Northern Territory. Both parties want mandatory data retention. Both parties want to keep Newstart at a rate so low it’s actually creating unemployment. Both parties want to keep giving away billions in fossil fuel donations to companies that mostly don’t even pay tax in the first place. Both parties support logging our native forests, draining our Murray-Darling. And we’re going to oppose those things, no matter which party forms government.

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I think a lot of voters in regional areas align with Greens policy, even if they don’t know it. They’ve had a gutful of the National Party selling them out to the mining industry and they’re looking for alternatives. Supporting sustainable agriculture and investing in regional services for example are a core part of our agenda. I agree that the media landscape can make getting our message out there challenging, but we are slowly breaking down preconceptions of our party. That’s a long-term job, but our work on the Murray Darling Basin, renewable energy jobs in regional communities and supporting rural health and education is getting us there.