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THANK YOU. Ive come to resent non-profits. Though I worked in a college and it was technically a non-profit i was grossly underpaid. then i worked for another non-profit and this fucking lady. her company was worth 2.3million dollars we were understaffed and expected to work 6 days a week and do 12 hour days. i am not even joking. i am so frustrated right now trying to find a job that values me, my work, and time. plus a reasonable commute.

do you know any reliable remote job boards? all the ones ive been suggested in the past are sketchy as hell or work super poorly

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Did you go to school?

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I need health insurance.

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How do I find networking events?

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Graphic design, digital design, video editing, photography... And I have experience with social media but I hate it and try to stay away but don't entirely have a problem with making collateral for it.