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As a father, I want to say -- thank you, you've already done enough. Please spend your childhood being a child. When you're 18, you can contact me and we can talk more at that time. I know what you are feeling, but take time to be a 14-year old.

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They are all bad, but that area is one of the worst. There are 18 captive facilities in Cancun. It's "the McDonalds" of captive swim programs. I've been there recently and am returning. Expect some legislation soon in Mexico. Things are changing fast -- not just dolphins, but for all animals.

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YES! The killing has slowed down, because we have been successful in getting the word out to Japanese people that dolphin meat is contaminated with mercury. If we can educate consumers, we can reduce the demand.

However, the captures have INCREASED. We need to do the same thing with consumers -- people who buy tickets to dolphin shows. And that seems to be working at SeaWorld so far.

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This is solution to the captivity issue.

1 - stop all captures

2 - those animals that can be released to the wild should be, and those that cannot should be released to a sanctuary

3 - implement birth control

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In regards to the tuna industry -- the answer is yes. If they stop killing dolphins, they'll have to stop whaling. If they stop whaling, they'll have to stop fishing for tuna.