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Have you experienced UVeitis as a symptom? I had 2 big flare ups of UVeitis this year and it was absolutely no joke. I hear that it can be related to ankylosing spondylitis.

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Hi Nancy,

I love the idea of the crisis text line in that it gives a new, more casual and comfortable medium to reach out for those in need. Many people I know in the millennial demographic experience moderate to high levels of social anxiety, and the difference between having to speak to someone in person / over the phone and via text can be a game changer.

Though the millennial generation seems to be more open to reaching out and speaking more openly about mental health, it seems that one of the demographics that could benefit the most from your service is the baby boomer generation (55+ and recent retirees) who are far less likely to reach out due to social programming and stigmas associated with mental health during their upbringing. It seems that folks in this demographic, who are very unlikely to reach out for conventional counselling, might be more open to something like the crisis text line service , as it doesn't require them to go through the motions of making an appointment etc , and removes many of the barriers that might have stopped them from reaching out previously.

Do you have any strategies to market your service/ demonstrate its accessibility to this older demographic?

Also, is the service available in Canada/ are there plans to expand our way?

I'd like to finish by saying the work you do is amazing.

All the best!