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Wait wait... cleaner equipment means less taste? And less quality?

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EDIT: Pronounced Molly-New-Isms

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and upvotes on every one of them. That is the way to get some real karma.

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I was there at the outbreak. One guy noticed it and posted on the ABC GG forums... never has there been so much traffic there. And then Syd (the manager... I think) had to calm everyone down.

So its not just that he was "sacked" its that they handled it rather poorly... Here is the episode where they introduced Hex. You might have to select the start of the episode on the right. If the link doesn't work, its the episode that aired on the 26th of October 2009.

You see Hex being brought it was presented as a joke! And there's about a 10 second farewell at the end of the video. I can't remember how they sent off Kapowski (the other of the original hosts) but they actually had a segment introducing Bajo.

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This is now my head-canon.