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Heck I'd sign up just for a week long nap.

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He's not a serious person and you shouldn't encourage him.

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I really appreciate people like you being so open and honest with your perception of the world, it really helps make inexplicable decision making like the heavens gate pact and the manson family easier to wrap your head around when you can watch the gears grinding in real time.

A guy who hosted fundraisers spoke openly about the cheapest, most crowd pleasing food? In the context of places to obtain food and drinks and raise money? Better shoot up an imaginary basement!

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“What if... that thing I said” -Fry

My boredom and crappy week got Solved, could this MC be any more majestic and awesome? :D

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Try not to shoot up any purveyors of fast foot, foilhat mcDimbulb kthx