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Over those two years, what are a few of the most surprising things you've learned about the workings of the music industry?

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Thanks for doing this little Q&A.

A single geetar question: Do you play more easily using one specific plectrum, yet find yourself needing to use another when performing/recording, because it makes for a better sound? Gracias.

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Would you rather fight a hundred Salvador Dali-sized Max Ernsts or persuade the steam?

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Okay. Art school. What is it about visually oriented art school students that leads to them to create groundbreaking music?

Zappa, Beatles, Keith Richards, Clapton, Pink Floyd, Bryan Ferry, Eno, Talking Heads, Bowie, Michael Stipe, Pete Townshend, you guys . . .

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Frank McCourt, ah me. I can't think of a more winning opener to a work than what he came up with for Angela's Ashes.

Any thoughts on the man?