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Redunant is the fancy English speaks way of sayin laid off I believe. The name implies that the role not longer supports the function of the business so is thus redunant.

I'm pretty sure sacked = fired. But they misuse the term fired when speaking to yanks beacuse nobody is ever laid off in movies so they think its the same thing.

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Obviously your working to source your materials, but it could be worth it to partner with a vertical farm to determine the viability of cotton as crop.

Vertical farming uses significatlntly less water (under 25% if i remember correctly) as the run off is simply recycled.

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Ticket master is owned by Live Nation. Live Nation owns most of the venues out there and will sub contract its ticket sales back to the parent company. That's why you will often have fees at the door of the venue as well.

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You are correct about the first half for sure which is why I recommended he partner with someone to look into the viability

The questions about water sustainability in manufacturing is very real, but what is undeniable is that as far as a process goes, vertical farming uses significantly less than traditional models. The question then becomes about how repeatable is the process with the materials at hand vs how much is wasted in traditional agg.

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Or you could work with your local government to demand manufacturers in your area actively participate in carbon and pollution mitigation efforts and in the absence of them being unable to, buy carbon credits.