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I picked up your book on Friday. I'm about 1/2 way through and enjoying it a lot. Thanks for writing it.

You state that Jesus of Nazareth was deeply involved with the politics of his time. Do you feel that present day followers of Jesus should follow that example? Do you feel that the most politically active fundamentalist Christians are effective in carrying the word of Jesus of Nazareth?

P.S. If Redditors liked the Fox News interview, check out Aslan's radio interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. It was really interesting and insightful.

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So the local people have known where these bombs are for a long time and they just don't have the resources to clear them?

Do they build fences around them or something?

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So is it often difficult to eat lunch?

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Any advice for someone looking for a prison pen pal? Not looking for ANYTHING except to provide some support to someone whose bottomed out.

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Why can we thank your dad for no tripods in the Oval Office? Sounds like a good story.