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That's pretty funny considering the person I watched it with this time around asked me if the man at the end was the little boy who picked up the camera, and I said maybe it was supposed to be him grown up. It never occured to us that it might literally be the same actor 10+ years later. That actually adds a fun little twist to the mix.

Are you guys working on anything new? I've been checking your hubby's IMDb page every couple years since first watching the film to see if he has anything in development.

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I saw it not long after it first came out, and loved it. Bought the recent DVD release a month or so ago and realized while watching that it's a somewhat different cut from what I originally saw. I somewhat prefer the original opening/ending bookends (that are included as a special feature on the disc) although the old and new are similar enough I suppose. Any particular reason Conway made the changes he did?

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Hmm well if y’all feel a cycle is still incomplete, you can knock out one more found footage ASAP. Then again, you can always do a traditional next and circle back to wrap up your found footage trio at a later time. I always find that trying something new gets the creative gears turning one way or another. Whatever you decide to go with, I’ll be sure to watch. In fact, feel free to keep me posted if you find the time. I’m happy to show support however I can.