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THIS, so much this. Toured up the West Coast with open roads through all the Federal lands and beachfront with nary a sign of barbwire or private properties for hundreds of miles!! What, you mean just pull off the road and camp on a beach like it's your own back yard? Exactly like that, and it's like nothing else I've experienced. Freedom exemplified.

East coast touring, not so much. In fact, not even close. Hundreds of miles of barbed wire, pastures, no trespassing signs, paid lodgings, lakes, grounds, everything privately owned/pay to stay and keep on moving to the next hotel.

Truly two very different sides of a single coin.

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And thank you for being a part of what makes things like this possible.

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I disagree. I'm willing to bet $71.96 After the military discount on it. It's not like making a logo for the website... Just something warm and fuzzy for the redditors..


Merry Christmas to me!!!

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Heh, I saw a shooting star on the ocean one night, none of us lookouts knew what it was as newbs. Middle of the ocean, darker than most people will ever know or see. A blazing silver 'UFO' slicing low as a plane from one horizon to the other. nobody reported that shit.

"Did you.. " Nah... next watch.

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Probably filmed some old Star Trek worlds there.

And new ones, Star Trek 2009 San Rafael Swell, Utah as planet Vulcan.