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How much do you blame the advent of facebook and other social media for the views of your mother? Did she have any real life friends at church or in other social circles that shared her antivax views?

Thank you for speaking about this in such a public setting, I think you handled yourself admirably during the hearing.

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Unfortunately that is my Father, however he is a Qanon follower. Its bizarre watching your parents believe these things on the internet, especially when we grew up being told by them not to believe everything on the internet.

Stay strong man.

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My main concern with the FPS module is that realism will trump gameplay. One of the concerning things to me and many other people is that the POV of your character seems to be bound by some arbitrary animation that causes you, when turning, to reset your torso, causing a odd stutter like feeling. I understand that a person would need to to reset ones body when turning however it yanks the player out of the immersion, by attempting to create immersion. My question is how are you balancing issues such as this, where the fun is quite obviously being trumped by a clunky albeit realistic mechanic? I think many people would appreciate a more conventional mechanic to a mechanic that is intrusive.