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Sure. I have no problem with stranger remotely connecting with my computer

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Many of their websites have shut down, Kamal deleted his facebook page, but as of this afternoon, I called a 1-800 number that goes to their call center and they picked up. Also, they changed the registration on one of their websites to my name and phone number. Sick troll, accostings.

Indian law enforcement does take action against these companies, but usually the bigger ones with hundreds of employees. Accostings is closer to @ 50 employees. I have no idea if law enforcement is going after them.

Yola's cafe on Metropolitan near Union St. has great cheap tamales.

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Yes. I would say once Deepak gloated about slapping Alex Martin, I thought "Oh, his intention in telling us this is very clearly to intimidate us. Or to threaten us." Also Kamal threaten to come to our hotel room didn't feel great. But we moved before that.

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I can answer that. It is

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To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure. He seemed like he was being candid in the run-up to going to India, but I was never 100% sure. But I never thought itwas a trap. I thought it was him trying to engage me personally and take my mind and attention away from the call center.